A 2019 New Year Message from AVXtra Owner – Steve Tomczyk

A Year Off. AVXtra’s Back!


Let me start by saying “Thank You” for being a new or continued Friend of AVXtra. If you have a minute or two, please read on. It may explain a lot.

I may have mentioned that I started my business – AVXtra Video Productions- in 2011. I took off last year to pursue a full-time job which provided health insurance, (that I couldn’t take full advantage of because of work schedules) some additional benefits, and the “security” of full-time employment. While not completely shutting down my business, operations were very limited. As fate would have it, the “full-time” position was downgraded to “part-time” as the result of auditing my hours worked (which included three months of near inactivity as a part-time employee at a different location) and my benefits were taken away as of 12/31/18. I moved to my current city, away from family and friends to accept the position.

Although disappointing, this turn of events was enlightening in a way. It caused me to really consider WHY I took the “secure” job. In some cases, it was to please others. As for me, it felt like giving up on a dream or two. I said I’d give it my best for a year and I did. The results speak loudly. Next, I learned that there is great value in doing something I truly love doing – shooting and editing video, working with musicians, using the skills I’ve developed over 30+ years, having to often learn new skills at a moments notice and making mistakes. Often big, hairy expensive ones…but then having to recover from those and learn from them. I haven’t had traditional employment EVER that has allowed me to do this.

Right before Christmas, I went to apply for a job outside of my scope of skills just to get insurance. It paid less. I had a hard time convincing myself that I wanted this job, but apparently, I did convince the potential employer, as I made it to a third interview. The day that was scheduled, I was very sick and called and let them know I wouldn’t be coming in. I then told them I was not going to reschedule and thanked all involved for their time. Lesson learned. I must attain success on my own terms.

As the year begins, I am looking forward optimistically. Taking steps to ensure my success, and asking for help! This year “success” for me will be gradually re-entering full-time self-employment doing what I love doing and what I’m good at – producing video for musicians. If I refine and stick to my plan, stay healthy, and do the work necessary to rebuild and maintain both business and personal relationships, as well as my financial situation, I’d be happy. Success for 2019…? Solvency. HA!

Thanks again for your help, guidance, and patience. Happy New Year!

Steve Tomczyk
AVXtra Video Productions

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