Video Streaming

Streaming Basics

While there are many things to consider in producing a webcast, we’ll start here with the basics.

Video can be acquired from a variety of sources like cameras, video players or a computer desktop. The higher the quality of the input, the better the end result will be. Consider using quality microphones and other audio inputs, as well as good lighting.

Capture of the video source is done through single or multiple inputs and encoding is done on the streaming device simultaneously. Depending upon the desired production values and budget for your webcast, multiple cameras, titles, graphics, special effects and even offsite interviews and other streamed sources can be incorporated into your live stream. The video of your production can also be recorded to tape or disk for archiving or on-demand viewing afterward.

The live stream can then be sent in a variety of formats and quality levels depending upon bandwidth and audience out to a streaming server, streaming services like USTREAM or livestream or to Content Delivery Networks for distribution of larger events.

A link to the stream can be embedded in your website or in multiple sites. For larger viewing audiences, a Content Delivery Network CDN is recommended.

Specialty web pages can be created for viewing your event which can include links to online stores, live chat and other applications to help you and your audience achieve the success you want from your live event streaming.

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