Your Event

It’s In the Details

When you hire AVXtra to produce your webcast, we’ll begin by asking you specifics about your event and help you determine the size and locations of your online audience.

Next we will do a site visit or at the very least a site analysis of your event venue and the infrastructure in place for Internet access. Then we’ll review your expectations as far as the production values and budget considerations for your live event video stream. With these criteria in mind, we’ll present you with a variety of options to custom-configure a solution that best meets those needs.

We’ll work with you to determine attainable goals for your webcast, quantify the results by tracking  important metrics and followup by helping you measure the success of your event.

For a video production, we’ll often start with the end result in mind. Who is the video for? How will it be distributed? How long will the finished video be? How quickly does it need to be completed? What is the budget? With these basic questions answered there are still many options for the shooting, editing and distribution of your video project. Each project is unique in it’s specifications and production methods. Let us know your requirements and we’ll do our best to produce a video that meets your needs.

Give AVXtra a call at 414-514-0776 to schedule Video Production or Live Video Streaming of your band’s next performance.